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This is our IN STOCK ITEMS storefront. All the items here are ready for immediate delivery at our location or ready to ship TODAY. If you are looking for anything not found in this store it can usually be found in our inventory ordering system by emailing us a request.  

We specialize in custom fully converted Saiga Rifles and Shotguns. Our finish of choice is Cerakote which is a ceramic based coating that is extremely hard and our guns are virtually rust proof. Details about this coating can be found here. All of our conversions are guaranteed to shoot any ammo out of the box.

We will be happy to do the conversion on any Saiga you may already own. The same guarantee we place on our own guns applies to any customer guns we convert. The gun is guaranteed to shoot low brass ammo in the case of shotguns, or will accept any surplus magazine and function like any AK style weapon if your firearm is a rifle. 

Since the Russian import ban on all Saiga products by Obama on July 17th 2014 we have had to develope new products. Since there are plenty of average every day AK varients out there we decided to build some of the great guns of the past. We started with the AMD-65. This is a Hungarian type of AK-47 that was very common in 2010 but after about a year the supply dried up. These are fantastic guns and a lot of fun to shoot. We will be branching into other types as we source the parts to build. 

Just like the Saiga conversions on guns you may already have we will also build any AK kit you bring in. We can supply the receiver or you can bring one in that you already own. The build will have to be completed on a registered receiver. Federal law prohibits us from building a kit gun for you that you may have purchased for your own unregistered firearm. 

All of our Keltec pistols have a lifetime factory warranty. In most cases our pistols also carry the Davidsons lifetime REPLACEMENT guarantee. If something goes wrong with your pistol they will replace it. All Keltec pistols with a blued finish leave our shop with a premium Cerakote finish. We believe a pocket pistol should have the most rust resistant finish possible. 

We also offer our cerakote finish on any pistols you already own. Contact us for a quote. We regret we will not ship any firearms to CA, New York City, Chicago, NJ, DC or any state or region of the country with communist gun laws. We also will refuse any order from any law enforcement agency, state government, or any politician who is in any state or area of a state that has communist gun laws on the books. If you don't believe the citizens of your state deserve the same firearms you have then we don't believe you deserve them either. Also NO sales outside the USA period. 

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